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Enterprise Admin Console

Kora is designed with enterprises in mind. She brings the perfect blend of a modern employee experience with enterprise-grade features and flexibility. Enterprise admins can use Kora’s admin panel to manage users, skills, access controls, and much more.

User Enrollment

From the Kora Enterprise Admin portal, admins can easily send invitations to users to join Kora Enterprise Virtual Assistant. Invitations can only be sent to corporate email addresses and can be sent out individually or in bulk. The portal ensures they are not sent to existing users. Learn more.

User Management

User rollover and movement from one department to another, or one location to another, is easily manageable through the Kora admin panel. Admins can access the complete user list that includes email address, department, title, domain, status, and last login date & time. The portal enables them to filter as needed to make the extraction of required information simple. They can also access a user’s device name, session ID, platform, and last activity. Learn more.


Kora uses Single Sign On (SSO) authentication to grant users access. It supports integrations including SAML, WS-FED, and OpenID Connect. Enterprises can choose from one of the identity providers including OKTA, Onelogin, BITIUM, Windows Azure, or G-Suite. Enterprises with multiple domains can configure their domains through the Kora portal. The admin can choose to limit access to the domain’s users based on IP addresses. Learn more.

Roles & Permissions

Kora allows access for multiple administrators on its portal to ensure smooth functionality. The master admin can add more than one admin and create custom roles with appropriate permissions. The admin can create permission sets and assign them to individuals or to entire teams in the enterprise. These sets include permission to channels, meetings, tasks, knowledge, announcements, emails, drive, and skills. Since Kora supports various skills, the admin can choose which skills should be enabled. They can set accessibility of skills at a user, group, or even location-specific levels. Learn more.

Configure Domain Expert

For the support add-on skills in Kora, enterprise admin can configure the department-wise domain experts along with the respective knowledge collection through the admin portal. Admin maintains a log of all the questions, can set up daily reminders with the list of unanswered questions to domain experts, who can directly answer within the email. Such answers then become available within the Kora knowledge base for future reference. Learn more.


Admin can also keep track of the user engagement and feature metrics via the statistics presented in the analytics section. Learn more.