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The Analytics section of the Enterprise Admin Console brings about statistics related to:

  • User Engagement lists the data pertaining to the user engagement
  • Feature Metrics gives an overview of the feature usage

User Engagement

User Engagement data is presented in two heads:

  • Realtime Activity Report – To show the current data i.e data points at a particular point in time the user is viewing
  • User engagement metrics  – This includes various statistics pertaining to user activities.

Realtime Activity Report

In this section, you can see the realtime numbers of users who interacted with the Kora application across different channels in the past 24 hours.
The following data is displayed:

  • Total users logged in at that particular moment.
  • Mobile users using the Android or iOS version of Kora.
  • Web users logged in with the Kora Web Application
  • Desktop users using the Desktop Kora offering.

You can use the Refresh button to get the latest data. The timestamp indicates when the data was last fetched.

User engagement metrics

In this section, you can see the user session details wherein a session is described as uninterrupted 15 mins active time spent by user on the application.
The data can be seen for various time periods like – 24hrs, 7 days (default selection), or custom wherein you can specify the from and to date.

The following data is displayed:

  • Total successful and unsuccessful conversations via Kora
  • Total user sessions per day/hour based upon the time period selected.
  • Channel-wise sessions split according to the channels used – Android, iOS, Desktop, or web.
  • The number of daily active users – Active user is defined as a unique user who interacts with bot or application through UI (service call) at least once a day.
  • Average daily sessions per user
  • The user retention table gives a view on the number of users, out of the total number signed up, still active (doing some activity) on the subsequent 7 days.
  • User Happiness shows the feedback received as the number of users who voted for a particular rating (Very bad, bad, Happy, Very happy)
  • The top-rated skills.
  • A list of key issues reported by the users categorized according to the feature.

Feature Metrics


This section shows the usage statistics categorized by skills

The data can be seen for various time periods like – 24hrs, 7 days(default selection), or custom time period by defining the from and to dates.

It displays:

  • An overview of the usage by skill
  • Top actions based on the performance numbers by the user. This chart can be further filtered for each skill
  • Action count for each of the skills.