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All good things come with a price, so does Kora.

The billing section of the enterprise admin console gives the details of your plan and what you can expect from it.

Free Plan

Kora offers a free plan, wherein you can try the product and see if it would work for your organization. For such accounts, there are certain limitations. All the domain users in the free plan will experience the following limitations while using the app:

  • File upload to Knowledge article/Announcement/Meeting notes is limited to 25 MB
  • Content limitations – User can create a maximum of:
    • 3 teams
    • 3 Knowledge collections
    • 50 Knowledge articles + Announcements
  • Users can ‘Request for upgrade’ to send email to Kora enterprise admin for change in plan. This option would be available in the above features whenever the limit is reached.
  • Once upgraded to Enterprise plan from Free plan, users will be able to use the application without the above-mentioned limitations

Enterprise Plan

To get more out of Kora, you can opt for the Enterprise plan. This would not impose any limitations as the Free plan and you can get more benefits. Talk to our sales team for more details.