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User Enrollment

Enrollment section of Enterprise Admin Console can be used to invite users directly using email address or from a basic .txt file with a list of email addresses.


You can invite users to join Kore.ai. From the Enrollment >Invite page. This is helpful if you have a few members to invite, for example, between one and five.

  1. Enter the email address for one or more (up to five) members, and
  2. Send Invitations to sent an email invite to the users to join your Kora account.
  3. Clear All can be used to clear the entire form and start afresh.

Bulk Invite

You can use this option to enroll a large number of members based on data created or copied into a basic text file.

File Format: The valid file type is .txt format with one valid company email IDs from your domain associated with this Kora.ai account per line.

From the Enrollment > Bulk Invite page:

  1. Choose file containing the valid email ids and
  2. Send Invitations.
  3. An invitation email sent out to each of the valid email IDs. Email IDs with a current active Kora.ai user will not get the invitation email.
  4. Note that the entries with incorrect emails like invalid email formats or invalid domains will be ignored.

Directory Groups Invite

When you have enabled SSO for Kora with your organization account credentials, you might also want to integrate the existing distribution lists (DLs) available for your organization and would like to enroll users from these DLs and add these DLs as teams for usage across multiple features in Kora.

From the Enrollment > Bulk Invite page:

  1. Select Directory Groups Invite tab
  2. You can search for a directory group from your organization.
  3. Select one or more directory groups and click Sync
  4. Once Synced, the group name and email address would be displayed along with the number of members in the group. The status of the members in the group – Invited or not will also be displayed.
  5. On selecting a synced list, further details like
    • the members of that list, their invitation status like invited or not, signed up or not would be displayed;
    • you can group the list by Department, Title, and Invite status;
    • using the Search option you can search for a specific user.
    • you can select users to send invitations too. Multiple selections are possible.