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User Management

After you add your Kora users, you may need to update user information, add or delete users. As the Enterprise Admin, you can manage, suspend or delete users and/or teams.


From User Management > Users you can:

  • View the list of all registered users.
  • You can Invite new users, wherein you will be redirected to the Enrollment Invite section (see here for more).
  • For each user you can view:
    • their registered username or email id,
    • the department they belong to,
    • their title or role,
    • their enrollment status – it can be:
      • Active – The user is active and can interact with other Kora users.
      • Inactive – Users invited by the Admin, but who are yet to join or accept the invitation.
      • Suspended – The user is suspended by an administrator. The user cannot log on to Kora, however, messages can still be sent to the suspended user. The Status of a Suspended user can be Activated.
      • Locked – The user exceeded the maximum number of login attempts. The Status of a locked user can be changed to Unlock, Suspend, or Deactivate.
    • the date and time of enrollment.
  • You can
    • Filter the users by status,
    • Group by department or title or domain,
    • Sort by first name or last login times.
  • You can search for a person using the Find people option
  • You can select a user and either Suspend or Delete the same.
  • You can select multiple users and apply the Group Action.
  • You can view the profile of a specific user by clicking on the corresponding row. This will allow you to view and update the:
    • a profile pic (if provided), their email id, their status, admin and application role, the teams they are part of.
    • profile details like the first name, last name, email id, company name, department, mobile number
    • session details with an option to Kill Session.
    • You can also Reset Password for the selected user.


A list of all the teams created across the organization can be viewed from the User Management > Teams section. In case you have synced distribution lists from your organization those too can be accessed from here.

Kore Managed Teams

The following details will be displayed for Kore Managed Teams

  • Team details like:
    • Team name
    • Owner
    • Number of Members
    • Created timestamp
  • The list can be Sorted by Type or Status.
  • There is a provision to Search Teams.
  • For selected teams, the Group Actions like Suspend or Delete can be applied.


Directory Teams

If you have synced any directory groups from your organization in the Enrol option (see here), these will be shown as Directory Teams. Here you can:

  • view the group name and email address;
  • see the number of members in the team and the number who signed up for Kora;
  • the timestamp when this group was added to Kora is also displayed;
  • On selecting a synced list, further details like
    • the members of that list, their invitation status like invited or not, signed up or not would be displayed;
    • you can group the list by Department, Title, and Invite status;
    • using the Search option you can search for a specific user.
    • you can select users to send invitations too. Multiple selections are possible.