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Kora – Enterprise Virtual Assistant

We are finding more enterprises embracing digital assistants in the workspace. These are virtual assistants built from software that is specifically engineered with an ability to learn our preferences in the context of any specific task or scenario. In the workplace, enterprise-level software usually involves compound interactions combining complex keyboard inputs with the additional use of a mouse.

Why Kora

Kora is a one-of-a-kind enterprise digital assistant that keeps one on track, organized, and in sync – so they can be their most productive and focused self at work. Kora can be used by enterprises to allow their employees to collaborate and work smartly.

When thinking about digital assistants (in general, not just in the enterprise), it’s important to separate the concept into the three core technologies:

  • The voice recognition or speech synthesis,
  • the natural language processing (NLP) to understand what the human is saying, and
  • the connections into all the various business systems which allow the assist to have things to be intelligent about.

Kora is capable of all of the above and more. Kora is trained extensively with all possible and varied utterances and is skilled at recognizing user commands in both text and voice format.


  • Kora takes away all the pain of managing meetings.
  • It can check calendars and invite internal & external contacts, help you dial into meetings.
  • And allow you to create and assign action items.
  • Creating and managing tasks has never been easier. You can assign tasks to yourself and others, and check task-status or information.
  • Easily integrates with enterprise apps and skills, including conversational skills, and knowledge search skills.