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Kora in Slack

Kora as an omnichannel platform is now available on the Slack channel. Slack is a communication platform widely used by enterprises across the globe.

From within Slack using Kora you can:

  • Schedule meetings conversationally
  • Assign tasks to teammates, track the progress
  • Search and access your emails


  1. Before getting started, be sure you have:
    • Slack account, and
    • Kora account
      Note that both these accounts need to be linked to the same email id.
  2. To get started, download the Kora for Slack app. Kora app is available on the Slack channel for installation. Click here.
  3. Log into Slack and follow prompts from Kora to authenticate your Kora account, and set permissions allowing Kora to send information to Slack. Following permissions are requested by Kora:
    • View messages and other content in direct messages that Kora has been added to;
    • View profile details about people in your workspace;
    • Send messages as @kora;
    • Post messages to specific channels in Slack;
    • Start direct messages with people.
  4. If someone in your Slack workspace has already installed the integration you just need to verify your Kora account by logging, if not already logged in.
  5. You can see the Kora app on the left navigation menu on your Slack installation.
  6. Use the utterances as you would for Kora on any other channel. Be aware that the universal search in Slack channel is limited to FAQ search.