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Kora Mobile App

Kora can be launched over multiple platforms as an app on your mobile, as a system tray application for your windows/mac operating system, or as a web browser-based application.

In this document, we will be looking at the Mobile and Desktop Application. The experience available in both these offerings are the same, the differences are highlighted at the appropriate places. For web browser-based applications, click here.

Kora mobile application can be found on Play Store as well as App Store

Contact your enterprise admin for the desktop application.


Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will be prompted to log in. You can use your Google, O365 email ids, as set up by your enterprise admin.

Grant permissions to Kora.ai for accessing the following:

  • contacts,
  • calendar, and
  • any personal information that you have made public.


  • Access for Email and Drive search would be granted by your admin for the entire domain.
  • Additionally, iOS device would require access to Siri.


Once you have logged in you can:

Apart from these you can also

  • set your profile with preferred work hours, meeting types, etc.;
  • add teams;
  • handle notifications and much more.
    (click here for these secondary features)