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Kora Web App

Kora can be launched over multiple platforms as an app on your mobile, as a system tray application for your windows/mac operating system, or as a web browser-based application.

In this document, we will be looking at the Kora Web Application. For Mobile and Desktop Application, click here.

The Kora integrated web app enables you to work at your convenience, and stay connected with your enterprise at every point in time. With this what you start on mobile can be easily continued from your desktop. This is particularly useful when Kora is not accessible on Mobile, or STA for various reasons like restrictions, etc.

Visit the web url provided by your enterprise admin


login using your Kora credentials


Your enterprise admin will be providing you with the URL to access the Kora app. You will be prompted to log in to Kora.

If you already have a user id (created while setting up the Kora mobile app) you can use the same to login.
Else you need to register using your enterprise email id.

Once you provide your credentials, you will need to grant permissions to Kore.ai for accessing the following:

  • contacts,
  • calendar, and
  • any personal information that you have made public.

Allow the same and you are set to go. Access to email and drive would be provided by the admin for your domain.


Once you are logged in you will see the following tabs:

Along with the tabs you can also view:

  • Notifications for various tasks due, announcements, article updates, etc.
  • Profile to create/view Teams, update Settings, and other setups. The functionality is similar to the mobile or desktop offering, see here for more.


When you log into the Kora integrated web app, you will land on the Kora tab by default.

The following are the details of the Kora Home page:

  • The top panel displays a summary of upcoming meetings, upcoming and overdue tasks, unread emails, etc. along with a weather card.
  • On the left is displayed a panel to access:
  • You have the option to pin or unpin these panels and each to the widgets within the panel to the home screen.
  • Click on any feature to see the details in a pop-up window. Click on the feature item, like meeting or announcement, to view the details for that item.
  • Kora chat window will be displayed by default and this cannot be removed. This is where you can give commands to Kora for utilizing its many features.