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Kora as Universal Bot

Kora is built using the Kore.ai Virtual Assistant platform. For every installation of Kora, i.e. for every enterprise, a universal bot is created on the Kore.ai virtual assistant platform. This universal bot comes with a default linked bot called KoraBot which is marked as the Fallback Bot. You are advised not to change this setting as that might adversely affect the Kora performance. Refer to the Kore.ai product documentation for more on the Universal Bots by clicking here.

On this page, we will be discussing the aspects of Universal Bot as applicable to Kora.

You can access the Kora UB (universal bot) from the skills page.
NOTE: This option is available only for users with Admin permissions.

Clicking the Go to BotBuilder on the Skills page, would redirect you to the Kore.ai bot builder platform using the same credentials that you used to login to Kora. Here you would find the Kora Universal Bot that is created by default. Also listed would be bots created when you add Knowledge Collection, or integrate a Search skill from Kora application.

As mentioned earlier, the universal bot comes with a linked bot marked as Fallback bot by default. This bot is trained for all the Kora functionality tasks. Do not change this setting as it might adversely effect the performance of Kora.

You can add any conversational bot that you have built using Kore.ai virtual assistant platform to Kora. Once added and published the tasks in these bots would be available to all the users from your enterprise. They can invoke it using the utterances that the bot is trained for.

Click the Link Bots option to link bots to the Kora bot. You would be presented with the list of the bots of which you are either the owner or developer. Select the bots you want to add, add invocation names and training utterances as per your requirement. Refer to the Kore.ai documentation for details, click here.

Once added, you can train and publish the bot. After successful Publish, users can access the functionality of the linked bots using the utterances directly from Kora.

Note about the linked bots: These linked bots act as any skill added to the Kora with the following distinctions:

  • These skills can not be added to the home page as a widget like any other skill added from the skills store
  • These linked bots will work as Enterprise Mandatory skills in the domain
  • These skills do not require a trigger phrase, they can be triggered directly from the training utterances.