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Skill Management

Kora can act as a Universal bot integrating your organization’s multiple bots (called skills), and making switching and managing the individual bots simple and easy. You can tap into Kora’s Skill store to add standard skills like JIRA, Salesforce, and many more.

You can also integrate your enterprise knowledge base utilities like ServiceNow, Atlassian Confluence, Wiki, Zendesk, and many more, as a search skill and allow Kora access to a wider range of knowledge base.

Skill Types

  • Conversational Skills are chatbots that solve a specific business purpose like salesforce bots and Jira bots. Kora allows both the users and enterprise admin to add skills from the Skill store.
  • Search skills can also be registered in the skill store to serve as search extensions to Kora.

Each of the above skills can be:

  1. Enterprise Skills to be added by Enterprise Admin:
    • Mandatory Skill will be installed for all users by default.
    • Optional Skills will be available for the users and they need to enable the same to use these skills.
  2. Personal Skills added by the user for their personal use.

Skill integration and management can be done only from the Kora Web Application platform.

Adding/Integrating Skill

In this section, we will be seeing how you can integrate skills into Kora. You can add skills for your own personal use. Use the + icon from the Skills tab to access the add skill page.

Conversational Skills

First, let us see how to add conversational skills.  See below for Search Skills integration.

Conversation Skills are fully functional chatbots. Currently, Kora supports bots built using the Kore.ai platform. The integration is through the WebHook channel and it needs to be enabled in the bot from the bot builder platform. You would need

Once you have the above-mentioned details, proceed with the following steps to integrate the conversational skill with Kora:

  1. Login to your Kora Web app and access the Skills tab.
  2. Click on the “+” icon on the skills tab.
  3. Select the type of skill to be added – Conversational 
  4. Set the Scope of skill to be –  Enterprise or Personal
    Note – Only Enterprise Admin can add Enterprise (Mandatory & Optional) skills while Users can add only Personal skills
  5. Configure the generic settings as follows:
    • Upload an image to be set as the skill background.
    • Add a name to the skill.
    • Add trigger phrase that will initiate a conversation with the skill. This is the utterance used by Kora to switch to the skill.
    • Upload an icon to be set as the skill icon.
    • Select a skill brand color.
  6. Configure Webhook settings as follows:

    • Under Request URL section,
      • select Post or Get request
      • the Bot Webhook URL as request URL (refer to the Bot requirement below for how to obtain this URL)
      • Kore.ai as the platform.
    • Under Headers add Authorization header with the bearer as the JWT token obtained from the bot client id as shown below in the Bot requirement section.
      Note Authorization value should be ‘bearer <JWT Token>
    • Under Body enter a sample WebHook payload as follows:
           "new": true
           "text": "StartPhoneConversation"
           "id": "UserF"
    • Test and then Save the configuration.
  7. Add a skill description.
  8. For Enterprise Skills – Choose who gets to use this skill by setting the Share with option to either
    • Everyone which would indicate the entire organization, or
    • Select People or Teams you can select from the drop-down the teams or members you want to share the skill
  9. For Enterprise Skills – Provide publishing type as Mandatory or Optional.
    Note – Publishing as a Mandatory skill means that the skill will be enabled for all the enterprise users and as optional means that enterprise users have to enable the skill to use.
  10. Select the category to which your skill belongs.
  11. Add sample utterances – These are the numerous ways you can interact with the skill. Up to 20 utterances can be added for every skill.
  12. In the What’s New field describe what new features your skill store is equipped with that are going to help users
  13. Next button would take you to Panel Configuration screen.
    • Here you can choose to enable or disable the skill to be displayed as a widget in the panel.
  14. Use the Save button in the header to complete the skill registration.
    • For Enterprise Skill – Added skills can be seen in the ‘Discover’ section filtered by types & categories. Users can Enable any optional enterprise skills needed.
    • For mandatory Enterprise and personal Skill – the ‘My skills’ section contains all the enabled skills. Users can disable if not needed (for optional/personal skills).

Conversational Bot Requirement

In this section, we detail how to obtain the WebHook configurations from the bot developed on kore.ai bots platform.

Following are the configuration needs for the bots:

Webhook Configuration:

  1. Log into the kore.ai platform and open the concerned bot.
  2. Enable Webhook channel in the Bot, see here for how.
  3. Get bot Webhook URL, Client Id, and Client Secret
    From the Bot, go to Channels > Configured Channels > ConfigurationWebhook URL
  4. Generate the JWT Token with bot webhook configuration.
    • Open the link https://jwt.io/#debugger  
    • Scroll down to locate debugger
    • Fill details for the Algorithm, Header, Payload and Secret Key as follows:
      • Algorithm and Header – retain the default values. Header should look something like this:
          "typ": "JWT";
          "alg": "HS256"
      • Payload – Enter sub as a random number and appId as the Client ID from the bot webhook configuration. The payload would look like this:
        "appId": "{{clientId of the bot}}",
        "sub" : "{{random number}}"
      • Verify Signature – Enter the secret key from the bot webhook configuration 
    • Tap on share JWT
    • Token is generated in the top left box
    • Copy the token and use it in the skill integration step 9 above.
      Note in the below image iss token in the payload is optional

Search Skills

Search Skills are chatbots that are integrated with a knowledge base utility. Currently, Kora supports integration with ServiceNow and we will be describing here how it can be done. You would be needing the ClientID to connect to your ServiceNow account.

  1. Login to your Kora Web app and access the Skills tab.
  2. Click on the “+” icon on the skills tab.
  3. Upload an image to be set as the skill background.
  4. Select the type of skill to be added –  Search
  5. Select the Connector to be the utility that provides the search APIs that you want to integrate to Kora. Currently, this is already configured to access the ServiceNow search utility through a bot as we will see in the later steps.
  6. Set the Scope of Skill to be –  Enterprise or Personal
    Note – Only Enterprise Admin can add Enterprise (Mandatory & Optional) skills while Users can add only Personal skills
  7. Configure the generic attributes as follows
    • Add a name to the skill.
    • Upload an icon to be set as the skill icon.
    • Select a skill brand color.
    • Select the category that best describes your skill.
    • Add a skill description.
    • Upload an image to be set as the skill’s background.
  8. Save Draft version of the skill.
  9. You will be directed to the Bot Builder platform wherein a basic bot is built by default and you need to further configure the skill as follows:
    • Click Continue to open the bot in Kore.ai bots platform
    • Navigate to Settings -> Configuration settings -> Global Variables
    • Locate and edit clientId and enter ServiceNow client ID and Save
    • Navigate to Publish and Proceed
    • Enter publish comments and Confirm
  10. Once the publish is complete from the bots platform, return to Kora and access the Skill. You will see the skill in Draft section.
  11. Hover over the Skill card and click Edit icon, Test Connection. You can use the Configure link to return to the bots platform for further configurations.
  12. On Connection success, click Publish.
  13. Now the search skill is available for others (in case of Enterprise Skills) or your (in case of Personal Skill) search criteria.
  14. The user needs to authorize the search skill before it is considered by the Kora search functionality, as shown here.

Updating/Modifying Skill

If you have integrated skills developed using Kore.ai Bots Platform, you can go to the bot builder platform to review and make changes.

NOTE: This option is available only for Admins.

Use the Go to BotBuilder option to access your Bots from the Kore.ai Bots platform.