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Skill Enablement

The various capabilities of Kora are referred to as Skills. These skills can be categorized as follows:

  • In-built Skills are available by default on Kora. These include:
  • External Skills are external bots that can be integrated into Kora. There are two types of bots that can be integrated:
    • Conversational Skills that cater to the specific needs of the organization like HR assistant, ITSM help desk, etc.
    • Search Skills which connect to your own knowledge base utilities like ServiceNow, etc.

In this document, we talk about enabling and using these external skills. For in-built skills refer to the corresponding pages.

Skill Types

  • Conversational Skills are skills which the user engages through conversation and are dialog-based.
  • Search Skills are skills configured solely for search purposes to integrate your enterprise knowledge base into Kora.

Skills can also be categorized as:

  • Enterprise Skills – These are the skills that your Enterprise Admin will add for the users across the organization. Some of these could be:
    • Mandatory which will be enabled by default for all the users; and
    • Optional which are available for your use depending upon the need. You need to Discover and Enable these skills before using them.
  • Personal Skills – These skills can be added for your personal usage. 

As mentioned, Kora is capable of integrating your organization’s multiple bots (called skills). Once integrated you can switch and use these individual bots. For you to be able to use the external skills your Enterprise Admin needs to add or integrate such skills to Kora. You can also add personal skills for your individual usage. To know about integrating and managing the external skills, refer here.

Accessing Skills

Access Skills through any of the following means:

  • from your Profile section on your mobile and desktop Kora app.
  • from the Skills tab from the web browser offering of Kora.

In this document, we will be referring to the browser-based Kora app. The experience from the mobile and desktop Kora app is the same.

By default, all Enterprise Skill Types are displayed under the following heads:

  • Discover – These are the skills added by your Enterprise Admin for all members. These include both conversational and search skills. You can either:
    • Enable skill to activate and add it to your skills list.
    • Enabled skills are ready to use from the Kora app. These skills have a Switch button instead of Enabled on the mobile app, so you can switch and start conversing with them.
  • My Skills  – These are already enabled skills and you can start conversing with them from the Kora app. These include both conversational and search skills. Here you will find:
    • the Enterprise Skills that are marked as mandatory by the Enterprise Admin,
    • the optional skills that you have enabled and
    • the personal skills that you have added.

Some skills can be viewed from the panels bar and can be switched to by clicking the skill icon directly. This behavior is dependant upon the settings of the Skill when it was integrated with Kora.

Actions – From the Side Panel you can switch between Enterprise and Personal skills. You can also choose by the Category of the Skill.

Conversational Skills

These are the skills that you can interact with. Once the skill is enabled, you can switch to the skill either:

  • by using the trigger phrase for the skill as a command; or
  • by using the switch button for the skill (not available in the web version); or
  • by selecting the skill from the list of Recently used skills; or
  • from the panel in the main menu (this has to be enabled from the Bot), 

Switch to skill will initiate a dialog with the skill using the trigger phrase from within the Kora app. You can use the top drop-down menu to switch back to Kora or to any other skill. Be aware that when you try to switch to the skill the context is lost.

Search Skills

Once a search skill is integrated by the enterprise admin, you need to enable the same:

  • Under Settings -> User Preferences -> Search Skills, all the search skills shared with you will be listed
  • They are categorized as:
    • Available skills which include the search skills added to Kora but not enabled by you;
    • Enabled skills which are enabled by you. These search skills need to be authorized by the underlying knowledge base utility. To authorize:
      • Click Authorize;
      • you will be redirected to the login page of the knowledge base utility, for example, ServiceNow;
      • enter your credentials and you are all set. Note, you might need to re-authorize in case your session at the knowledge base utility expires.

Once enabled and authorized, Kora’s search will include results from these search skills also.

As you can see from the below image, two search skills are available but not included in the search since they need to be authorized. You can either click on that message or access through the settings as mentioned above to authorize the skill.