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Enterprise Search

In any enterprise, a variety of information is created and stored in various formats across different sources.

Kora provides you with a cognitive search approach and efficiently searches through your personal & enterprise data sources including drives, emails, tasks, contacts, etc. Moreover, Kora can easily extend the search to include 3rd party knowledge systems as well.

Kora’s indexing, natural language processing, and machine-learning capabilities enable robust Enterprise Cognitive Search.

  • Search through all the accessible enterprise systems like meeting notes, articles, emails, drives, or in enterprise apps.
  • Use the power of Natural Language Processing, Machine Language, and Text Analytics
  • Easily understands complex user queries

Universal Search

Kora is your one-stop source for finding everything. For example:

  • Email Search“Show me the mail from John last week”
  • Calendar Search“When is my meeting with John”
  • Contact Search“Get me the contact details of John”
  • Document Search“Find the document from John on my drive”
  • Task Search“What are the overdue tasks assigned to John?”
  • Contextual Search“Show me the articles on ChatBot shared by John last week”
  • Consolidated Search – this will fetch results from across all knowledge sources  – “What is marketing?”
    In the case of a consolidated search, Kora presents you with a consolidated search result, which you can further drill down as required. This eliminates the need to switch back and forth between multiple systems, be it meetings, tasks, articles, emails, drives, or in enterprise apps.

Narrow Search

You can select particular sources, and allow Kora to search only those resources and return results much faster.

NOTE: This feature is available only on the Kora web application.

When you select particular sources, Kora goes only to those specified places and returns results much faster. It also helps to look through your results rather swiftly. The results are categorized by source improving readability and easy access.

Ask Expert

If you are not satisfied with the results or Kora cannot resolve your query, you can escalate it to the relevant department. Kora automatically sends an email to the respective department’s domain expert (these emails are set by your enterprise admin from the Admin Console, see here for how).
Coming soon: When the expert answers the query by responding to the email, Kora will automatically add the response to her knowledge base for related searches in the future.

Search Extensibility

Kora provides comprehensive enterprise search capabilities by extending its power to different enterprise data sources, including 3rd party enterprise systems too.

You can easily add a new data source and search through 3rd party systems like Remedy, Wiki, Confluence, SharePoint, etc. Refer here on how to add search skills.

Once added, each user needs to enable the search skill and provide their credentials for the search system in order to authorize its usage. This authorization might be needed based on the third party system login expiry policies. See here on enabling the search skill.

Enabling the search will ensure that it is included in the Kora search engine.