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Web Knowledge Capture

Kora provides different ways to capture a knowledge – from Web, Knowledge Graph, Kora Forms, and Action Email Id.

In this document, we will be looking at a way to capture Knowledge from the web.

A lot of times, you collect a piece of knowledge as a web link of an article, save it as a simple text or just want to use a portion of an article for some reference later. Kora provides a browser plug-in to capture such knowledge and store it in a personal repository or share it with your team or set of individuals.


You can find the Kora Web Knowledge Capture at Chrome Web Store Extensions.

Once added to your Chrome Browser, when you are on the page from where you want to capture the knowledge, click the extension. You will be prompted to log in to Kora if you are not already logged in.

You can use this extension to save things you see on the web into the knowledge repository of your Kora account.

It allows you to add tags and share them with people/teams in the Kora ecosystem.


The various types of captures that this extension supports are as follows:

  • Selection – Capture a part of a selected text from a web page.
  • Simplified text  – Capture the readable portion of a web page.
  • Screenshot (Soon to be released) – Capture a part of a web page or the full page as a screenshot.
  • Bookmark – Capture the web page URL as a bookmark.


For any knowledge captured, you can:

  • Add Hashtags – to further organize and identify articles easily
  • Add People – to add names of individuals or teams with whom you want to share the article. You can start typing and the name suggestions from your contacts will appear.
  • Continue editing – to add to the selection and/or make changes to it.
  • Save – to save the article to your Knowledge database. The article thus saved can be accessed from any other Kora platform that you use web, mobile or deskop under Knowledge Panel -> Created by you section. (see here for more on Knowledge)