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Kora – Modern Employee Experience

Once your Enterprise Admin configures Kora for enterprise use, he/she would be enrolling users.

You, as a user, will receive an invitation mail from Kora. You should ‘Accept’ the invitation to navigate to the login page. Depending on the domain type registered, you will be redirected to the respective SSO login screens – Google, Office 365, or a simple Email id sign-up page.

Register your email id, grant the necessary permissions to Kora and you are all set to leverage the AI technology and bring consumer-like experiences to create an engaging work environment.

Omnichannel Experience

Once registered, you can access Kora anytime, anywhere from your mobile, desktop, and web apps.

  1. Mobile – Android and iOS offerings are available from the Play Store and App Store. You can download it from there. In case your organization has an MDM setup, then you need to use the corresponding protocol. For more on how to use the mobile app, refer here.
  2. Desktop – Download the installer to set up the desktop system tray application. Contact your enterprise admin for details. For more on how to use the desktop system tray, refer here.
  3. Browser – Check with your enterprise admin for details on accessing the Kora web app. For more on how to use the web app, refer here.

Universal Digital Assistant

Kora is your Universal Digital Assistant. As such it empowers you to access and operate your enterprise systems (like HR, IT Helpdesk, CRM) from a single interface, thereby providing a seamless experience across applications.

Kora easily integrates with your enterprise apps and skills, including conversational skills, and knowledge search skills. You can invoke any skill by simply using the trigger phrase (eg: Ask ITSM) or allow Kora to invoke the appropriate skill based on your request. For example, if you say “What is the status of my Incident #TN723” and Kora will automatically invoke the ITSM skill.

The skills come in two forms:

  • Inbuilt, and
  • External which can be further classified as:
    • Enterprise Conversational
    • Personal Conversational, and
    • Enterprise Search.

Inbuilt Skills

Kora’s inbuilt skills help you boost productivity multifold. These are typically the daily enterprise chores like scheduling and managing meetings or organizing and searching for knowledge articles etc..

Following are the skills supported by Kora:

External Skills

Enterprise Admin can add enterprise-level skills for their employees thus simplifying access to all their applications and workflows through a single conversational interface. These applications can be accessed and enabled by users. Users can also add personal skills for their individual usage. Click here to know how to enable skills.

The Kora Skill Store is a collection of popular enterprise skills, custom enterprise skills, personal skills, and search skills as integrated into Kora. Kora facilitates the access and management of your individual and company skills. Click here to know more about skill extensibility.